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16 Visitors management softwares for coworking spaces

Everyday, hundreds of people visits your coworking space but it is really hard to maintain their data and check in timings. Or if you want to retarget them based on their visit timings and other behaviours it is hardly possible.

Coworking industry is growing month on month and requirement of advanced tools and reports software is increasing at a higher rate.

Tools like Visitors Management solution and Coworking Space Management Softwares are helping the owners at great level. Softwares makes the management more efficient and effective.

Although the simplicity does a good job, owners and members alike can benefit from visitor management software.

It does not only serve the purpose of security but it helps in marketing as well.

Any business no matter of what nature needs to do marketing to have a hold in the market. Marketing needs can be served with the data which is collected by these software.

For example

Like how many people entered a store ? How well did a store perform in a month ? This can only be figured out through data that is collected. If the store did not have good sales it can be seen on the data that is collected. This is how the responsible person for handling the store can figure out the remarketing ways and bring about the changes.

Similar is the case for coworking. These data collection helps to create efficiency and be efficient in the services provided.

You can think of it like this – when a visitor for the first time comes across your doorstep. They already have pile of work to be done therefore, they expect to feel good and supported. One of the  elements of that good feel factor is the shared workspace security.

As said first impression is the last impression. The first impression count should be well-lit and clear for the public access. The visitors should feel welcomed. And for this purpose, it is great if some aspects of coworking regarding security can be handled remotely such as providing with a smartphone code to grant the access or sharing the important information via email or an SMS.

Handling authentication holds more importance if in case of 24/7 access to the workspace is available. Since there is no staff to control what’s going on all the time, combine it with a stack of services for remote access management, and you can share and remove codes whenever necessary.

Combination of virtual and physical coworking space security  

Data plays a very important role as personal and equipment security.

  • With the web based access nowadays the system takes control of both the aspects, so you do not need to worry about that. But there can be detection alarms that can be installed in case of any theft, fire or break-ins especially if you use the space for storage of your laptops or any personal property.  
  • There can be a remote control dashboard from your laptop. This will help someone who had lost forgotten there access card to get in with a new code on their phone.
  • Video monitoring can also be used. Since it might hamper confidentiality, it should be done carefully while handling the shared space.
  • In case of a open door policy, it is important to segment the long term and short term clients from the passers by. All of them should not be sharing the same office security privileges. There should be access control management platforms that can do the segmentation for you.


Without affecting the performance, you need to set a stronger authentication for your shared networks.

The 16 software tools are

1. Space management tools

This is one app that allows you to add prospects when they become tenants or remove them when they move elsewhere.

As the coworking space options increases and the more experienced users have with a variety of spaces, the higher will be the need for seamless onboarding, payment and member communication, all to be conducted by technology.

This tool tries to incorporate a varied range of functionality to support shared workspace operations including:

Member management
Member communication
Internet access
Door access
Phone and printer management
Meeting room reservations

The main purpose served by the tool is, they can save your team and your service provider the time that you can spend on customer acquisition and retention activities. As a beginner, you would probably want to select an opening so that you are later not stuck in the land of hacking together excel spreadsheets and running credit cards manually.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Satellite desk work 50$ upto 15 member 95$ unlimited admins and non members
Essensys £299 new space setting up £499 outgrown you original processes
Wun system
Nexudus 42$ upto 15 members
Cobot 59$ upto 15 members
Office R&D 1.6$ per member 1.4$ per desk


2. Room Scheduling software

It is important because it tracks the usage by its members. It helps people find the conference room according to the requirements, and also make sure that there is no double booking where one party needs to look for an alternative.

Meeting rooms are a part of coworking space and access to these is primary reasons for leaving the home office or coffee shop. Outside the organizations, people are always looking for places for offsite meetings.

Coworking space is handled by the community manager and the most common question asked is “which conference room is available?”. In order to make sure the coworking space runs hassle free this tool can be used.

This room scheduling software is built keeping in mind the coworking space.

There are dozens of providers focused completely on room scheduling which can be beneficial.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Roomzilla $20 per rooms
Robin powered $20 upto 15 rooms $30 groups of 5, upto 30 rooms
YaRooms $35 10 users $69 100 users $189 500 users
Get a room app $99 5 rooms $249 15 rooms
Skedda $29 per month $19 integration $19 online payments

3. Lead generator for meeting rooms and membership

Even though Organic SEO or paid search can workout for you, but giving a consideration to shared space on online marketplaces that are also investing in digital marketing can be a good deal for the shared space users and providers. They may charge some fee for each transaction which can be considered as marketing expenses.

You can make a list of everyone and keep a track. Be sure to update all the listing as pricing, availability, etc. change.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Insta check in   $49 basic $99 standard $159 premium
Desk near me
Davinci virtual office
Share desk $199 50 members 1 venue

4. Lead generators for virtual offices

Even though a business can generate leads from the marketing techniques, the business can get more leads if there was a marketing engine just focused on the services of generating leads.
The virtual mail business takes time, but it grows over time. Be consistent and patient and your efforts will pay off.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Davinci virtual office
iWorkSpace mail
Spheremail $6 1-50 users $5  51-100 users
Campaign monitor $9 $29 $129

5. Communication software

When there is a message that needs to be delivered to the all the coworking members at one go. How can you do that? This is where effective communication software plays its role.

There are coworking spaces that build message boards and forums within their intranet. But these can accommodate a limited number of members.

Some of the tools that can be used in coworking space.

Slack – Even though it might be a little pricey, this helps to share important messages and also open up communication options between members.
Facebook page – while Facebook can be used for conversation, only the admin can post that will rise to the top making it like a messaging board. You can also create a closed group which can be viewed by members only or which can be viewed publicly or the potential future members.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Groupbuzz £144 club manager £96 member manager £72 club website

6. Live answering services

As per the survey, most of the call to the coworking spaces go unanswered. Every call is important because you never know what opportunity it carries with itself.

Use a live answering service to ensure that every call is answered. There are providers mentioned below that will answer the phone, and you can also resell their services to your members. To be competitive, you need to be available when your customers want to interact.

Providers and Pricing

Providers Pricing
Davinci virtual office
Reliable receptionist

7. Team communication tools

Asana – Maybe you are able to manage some team communication with your CRM but Asana helps to organize my projects, assign tasks to team members, assign due dates, make comments on projects and keep all this out of your email box.
Slack – It has about 4 million daily average users. There are about 500 companies currently using Slack.

8. Customer relationship management

It is obviously important to have a constant stream of prospects and paying members to attain revenue and build a community. For this purpose, you may be holding events, use the reception sign in the app, as existing members for referrals, use social media or even advertise in local publications.

Customer relationship management software makes it easy to build and keep in touch with your future customers. As with the conference room scheduling software, the space management providers have a CRM module. This is like an add-on feature, that is ideal for CRM system. Figure out a way to integrate it with your member management system.

The prices may vary accordingly. For a small database, there are several free options. Take advantage of the vendor demos and free trials in order to make sure that these tools increase productivity and do not take away from community building.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Hubspot $200 $800 $2400
Salesforce   $75 $150 $300
Zoho $15 $30 $45

9. Community engagement tools

Group – Building a community is very important in case of coworking space. It takes commitment, culture and the right tools to develop a strong community. Grouplu is designed to take care of this. It offers news feed, event manager, surveys and knowledge base.
Bisner – This is required to help coworking space manager reinvent the social side of coworking space. It also helps to bring in your community online. The platform helps to create discussions, organize events and make the various announcements.

Providers and Pricing


Providers Pricing
Groupbuzz £144 club manager £96 member manager £72 club website

10. Event Apps

Events play an important role in coworking space. The people attending it become aware of the business name, as well as the location and what happens inside the space. These events are a key tool in helping members to connect, which will create loyalty and retention for the business.

The events software helps to easily post events and create visibility for them. This software allows the attendees to pre-register. You might even see a lot of people who registered might not show up or walk up attendees. So make sure you make a list of people at the entrance. These events can be charged or can be based on the non-chargeable basis.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Greetly $99 $129 $249
Eventbrite 1%+$0.99 basic 2.5%+$1.99 pro
Eventzilla $1.25 basic 1.5%+$0.99 pro
Event smart $100 business $50 personal

11. Mailroom management and package log

As has been noticed, a lot of emails is junk. But you still receive it. Having workspace that handles the mail and package service is a major convenience for the startups. The selling point here was giving customers a prime street address. This would convert their staff in downtime, having them open, scan and email physical mail to virtual office clients who did not work out of the office space.

The coworkers need there packages to be delivered to a safe place. Therefore a coworking space needs digital mailroom management and package tracking software. The virtual mailbox is a much-needed convenience to the members, as it can also be used to increase revenue without taking up valuable square footage.

Providers and Pricing


Providers Pricing
EZTrackit $195 $295 $395
Spheremail $6 1-50 users $5  51-100 users

These can be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphone.

12. Marketing tools

Marketing Skills words in a red metal toolbox to illustrate knowledge and talent in business for attracting customers and achieving growth goals for your company or organization

Hootsuite – A dashboard that manages your social media accounts in one place.
Meet Edgar – It allows you to create a categorized content library that makes your content available on social feeds. Even if you are just trying to keep the social feeds full and pre-scheduled, you can notice the time being saved.

  • Find Workspaces – Monthly report of the click to website, Keyword rank reporting, requesting for direction etc.
  • Upcity – It helps with the SEO. It is a must in case your website is new. Sign up for different plans available.
  • Leadpages – Set up an easy lead capture form for your website.
  • SumoMe – It is another easy way to lead capture forms on your website.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
Hootsuite   1260/- 6660/-
Meet edgar $49/-
Upcity $100 $150
Leadpages $25 $48 $199
Sumome $24 $59 $79

13. Cloud Printing

Thinprint cloud services cloud-based, mobile, driverless printing, etc.  You won’t need to install another driver. Printers are connected to the devices of your staff, members and guests automatically and instantly.

Set up printing rules, limits and even prices for users, group, printers.

Cloud printing for coworking space

  • Quick installation – Printers can quickly be connected and are instantly be ready for use
  • Minimal support – Start printing right away without any installation of printer drivers or any other software
  • Better control – keep a check on the statistics and set print limits and even cost per page
  • Happy coworkers and employees – Quick printing easily on any device, even from smartphones and tablets

14. IT services

This is not really a tool, but it is a service that is needed to manage your technology.

Imagit – It supports the coworking space worldwide. They manage your multi-site equipment, upgrades and refreshes with the forceful timeline and also during off-hours.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing

15. Entry access

The latest technology allows you to assign access to a user’s phone. It helps you track how long has a user been in the space if during unstaffed hours. It also gives the flexibility to support non-business hours.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing
GetKisi Developer free $150 team
Wun system

16. Small business insurance

The members of the coworking space need to have a business insurance policy, so as to limit the liability of the space operators. This is needed since the insurance doesn’t cover the personal property of a member in case of theft, fire etc.

The challenge faced here is that your agreement may require to be signed by the member, but you may be you do not have a good process to enforce that.

Cover wallet -It provides services, where you need to collect the insurance certificates and it also offers your members an easy way to get a quote on business insurance. This way you will get what you need and your member feels like you’re solving a problem for them.

Providers and Pricing:

Providers Pricing

Coworking needs this software for the following reasons

1. Optimize the space planning and utilization

The software helps the team handling the space allocation how to occupy the different spaces of a coworking space. With this insight, they can eliminate the underutilized space into something more useful.

The space management software forms a strategic and logical leadership as of how to place different work area in a coworking space. It helps to achieve a successful coworking atmosphere.

2. A reliable facility with increased responsiveness

Having an asset tracking software along with work order request software helps the leadership team to keep an insight into every piece of shared equipment in their workspace. It helps the members to easily submit the work order tickets for maintenance.

A reliable person for the workspace can view and respond to those work order request instantly, coordinate with the maintenance support and track resolution to ensure every ticket is taken care of.

3. Bolster security

Members main motive is to have a safe and a secure working environment. Visitor management software keeps a record of every person who enters the coworking space. This ensures the security of your members, and also establish the shared office as a professional place of business.

4. Ensure a dependable and transparent mail delivery service

The mail delivery software, it tracks every parcel in real time from it’s arrival at the coworking space to its delivery to the intended recipient.

This helps to prevent the emails from piling up and also ensure the member receives the packages on time.

In order to evaluate the visitor management system takes into consideration the 5 criteria:

  • Ease of use
  • Integration
  • Digital signage
  • SaaS performance
  • Professional service and support

Visitor management software will benefit your business in following ways:

  • Security – The ability to keep a track is a major security benefit. It gets very easy to miss a sign out on a paper tracker or input the wrong information. Here the right software can be of great help. Letting you know who is in your workspace, at what time and who they’re meeting with, for how long using the real-time dashboard. This is like a safeguard for your office by limiting the access to certain visitors.
  • Efficiency – It helps to have a check-in process and letting the visitors to easily sign in using an iPad. It is like an iPad receptionist app. Visitors can enter their name, nature of their visit and who they are visiting and the front desk will be notified instantly. You can also set a notification to let you know when someone has arrived or left. All this saves time and effort.
  • Professionalism – This undoubtedly looks more professional having the right visitor management software. You can create a better image having a customized iPad design for sign in to show your brand and have a friendly welcome message. The right software will enhance your image with professional visitor badges, digital check-in, and safety measures in case of emergency.

Seeing all the technological advancement it won’t be wrong to say that “the winds of change are blowing across the workspace landscape.”

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Andcards Suite saves 8+ hours of work per week by fully automating bookings, payments, invoicing, and benefit management. For example, it helps prevent overbooking and accidental booking deletions, remind about upcoming bookings with push notifications, and ensure equal and even access to meeting space.

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