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7 Best Workspace Management Softwares

Workspace management software is required for keeping a track of how they want, where they want on any device. With the way coworking space has been becoming popular, the tech companies have started to consider building software to help these thrive.

Workspace management software helps to set up your location, invite new members to join in, managing your member base, keeping a track of members, communicate more easily and quickly and also manage the invoices and payments across multiple locations all at one interface.

It also helps to manage different groups of members across the building and location. It is important to a have a space management system that keeps a track of all the activity in the coworking space.

1.Office R&D –

It is a software founded by Miroslav Miroslavov and Miroslav Nedyalkov in Bulgaria in 2015. The developers wanted the users to have a comprehensive tool which was flexible and streamlined management of coworking space. It is being used in more than 30 countries.

Main Features:

It includes all the aspects of coworking space along with CRM, Member Management, Space Management, Resources and Contracts Management.

CRM (customer relationship management)

  • Easy organization of prospective customers and collection of data with the targeted audience with desired channels.
  • Helps with the management of emails and chat platforms, phone calls and other communication channels.
  • The member management software allows users to keep track of their relocation and also offers them an upgraded membership plan.
  • Coworking CRM connects all the systems in place and serves as a single point of truth to complete lifecycle of your members.

Space Management 

  • Allows keeping a track of the desk spaces and offices located anywhere.
  • Provides information about the occupancy of the desk and the availability of sitting space.

Resource Management 

  • Allows analysing the data on the occupancy of a particular desk.
  • Keeps track of which desk is assigned permanently as opposed to those which are available on first come first served basis.
  • Custom resources.

Keep track of all the physical space layouts, utilization and all the key resources.

Contract Management 

  • Flexible data on the members of managed coworking community.
  • Membership management.
  • Custom contracts.
  • Bookable resources along with credit facility.
  • Any sorts of coupon or discounts code.

Office R&D provides with all the information on the coworking management at no expenses of intuitiveness and ease of use of its interface.

API and Integration Support

It allows the users to have an access to its public API to facilitate communication between the third party applications and its native database. Full integration is available, including the most popular accounting platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks online, similarly like other payment gateways example, PayPal, Stripe, PayDock and others. Users choose the integration they prefer from fully automated sync to the manual and semi-automated one.

It supports full integration with payment gateways and accounting platforms.

2. WUN System –

It is active in the workspace with KUBE platforms and consist of tools required for the shared workspace management focusing on accessibility, increasing the productivity, customisation and community building.

Main Features:

Software Member Management 

  • Handling all the leads and members via dedicated workspace management platforms.
  • CRM functionality and lead management system.
  • Tenants information are registered automatically.
  • Accessible in a single place.

Invoicing and Payments 

  • Automated invoice tracking and issuing
  • Seamless integration with various merchants and billing applications.
  • Payments and invoicing are handled automatically.

Proposal  Builder

  • Easy contracts creation with all necessary details and attached floor plans.
  • Contract can be aligned according to the landlord’s brand and terms of services.
  • Generate more deals with contracts with few clicks that can be sent instantly through our space manager software.
  • Less time consuming since the contract builder can pull the data directly from the CRM.
  • Customization available to contracts to match your brand, your terms and your services.

Booking Calendar

  • Easy space and room booking management with a software available both on web and mobile devices.
  • System provides with confirmation and management of reservations, approval of door access and other features.
  • Booking can be managed with the software.

Open your workspace to new opportunity by making it easy to book and access your space 24/7.

Membership and Packages 

  • It is available on the online member portal or customer website.
  • Allows creating flexible packages based on the needs of specific customer profiles.

KPI and Reporting 

  • Accurate KPIs and reporting ensures strategic decisions making.
  • Real-time view of potential opportunities and projected revenue.
  • Track your bookings, contracts and new acquisitions.
  • Helps identify trends to ensure your workspace is optimized for revenue and growth.

Member Portal 

  • Provides access to tools for collaboration and communication.
  • Easy to coordinate the joint working activities with the help of community messaging service.
  • Helps users with event management tasks as well.

White Label 

  • Build retention and value among the customers.
  • The platform allows to seamlessly sell the package and membership online.
  • Maintaining the online design.


  • Packaged with iOS coworking application gives full mobile experience and access to shared tools.
  • Features like communication, booking and invoicing and payments processing The platform available.
  • Handle coworking space management from any location at any time.

API and Integration Support

The workspace software includes support for open APIs, as well as seamless integrations with a range of payment, business, marketing and financial applications.

3. Essensys

It is a customer relationship management platform that provides all the information regarding the available space as a service. It covers all the aspects. The focus is on automation of tasks and daily activities along with planning the goal of improving management efficiency and creating the user experience.

Main Features:

Workflow Automation

  • Acquire and converts leads, organize workspace tours and invoicing process.
  • Easily accessible and dedicated dashboard featuring appropriate triggers.
  • Covers all stages of interactions with a workspace user.

Lead Flow Management

  • Leads are forwarded to sales personnel in charge of creating greeting emails, and a tour of the workspace.
  • Platform is used to set up new tenants and manage contracts, follow up emails, manage licenses and renewals.

Tenants Management

  • Ensures streamlined booking for the desks and meeting rooms.
  • Automation confirmation of their availability.
  • Helps users get in touch with the colleagues from the same workspace community.
  • Creates businesses through mutual contacts like social media.

Automated billing

  • Easy monetization of available workspace.
  • Easy management payments, orders, renewals.

Inventory Management

  • Allows users to offer services according to individual needs, customised upgrade plans, special offers, and real time discounts.
  • Streamline promotion and sales of available workspace within private community and third party websites.

KPIs and Data

  • System offers real time insights.
  • Quality planning of workspace growth and performance.

API and Integration Support

  • Offers straightforward integration third party system for improving features and designing.
  • Offers integration with other platforms, ranging from broker, finance and payment integrations, business and marketing and call logger platforms.

4. Coworkify

It is created by Kyoto based Cocon startups LLC. It supports the practical approach to work and simplicity, achieves efficiency as the software is highly intuitive and has a simple user-friendly design.

Main Features:

Booking and resources management

  • Enables access to users to book rooms, view available facilities in real time etc.
  • Software automatically issues an invoice.

Member Management

  • Easy to register.
  • Tools automatically invites new members.
  • Import and export of member list and create customization for each member.
  • Email sent directly from CMS.

Automated Invoicing

  • Creating invoices and sent automatically.
  • Administration is required for interfere.

High level of Security

  • Communication between an app and browser is encrypted.
  • Online payment is done using reliable third party providers.
  • Software is hosted on Amazon Web services across the world.


  • Add new features like help navigations, a footer text or your own chat widget.


  • Available for developers and can be used to adapt company’s needs.

Multiple Locations

  • Running various coworking space with one account.

5. Nexudus Spaces

It is about managing coworking office and CRM for shared spaces. It is white label software which has a affordable monthly subscriptions and various software features on various devices.

The founder had developed this coworking idea in 2010 and is currently working with over 100 coworking spaces in the world.

Main Features:


  • Automatic payment and invoicing.
  • Reminders.
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly renewal plans.
  • Integrations.

Events and Bookings

  • Pricing based on the type of membership, room type and length.
  • Self service bookings.
  • Meeting room management and calendar integrations
  • Events by activity and use of discount codes.

Member Onboarding

  • Sign up form that stores data in the database.
  • Customized membership.
  • Digital signature for managing contracts.
  • Single contact database.
  • Database with customizable fields.


  • Tracking the visitors and guests.
  • Delegate visitors management to the members.
  • Tracking the leads and sales from a drag and drop interface.
  • Automatic task assignment.

Email Monitoring

  • Email records on the members accounts.
  • Email panel to send messages.
  • Integrations used to create newsletters for a group. Eg – Mailchimp

Access Control System

  • Automatic internet and physical access.
  • Time limited codes for drop-ins.
  • Integrations along with access to control system using mobiles, PINs and fingerprints.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

  • Booking and payments via a smartphones.

White Label Functionality

  • Maximum customization on the user end.

Members Directory

  • Creating community and group discussions.
  • Making profiles public, share with others or filtration.


  • It offers hundreds of reporting formats.

API and Integrations

  • It is REST based with each resource has its own URL.
  • The applications can be any type of language or code.
  • Must be able to complete basic HTTP requests.

API consists of the following modules:

  1. Billing
  2. Community
  3. Content
  4. Member relationship management
  5. Spaces
  6. Support
  7. System

7.  Cobot Coworking Software

The platform includes integrated administrative tools like financial solution, Complete bookings and passes for coworking members, as well as customer support tools.

It was an in-house running tool without the need of keeping up with multiple spreadsheets for different operations. It facilitates manual record keeping  and serves about 35,000 coworkers across 30 countries. It is a web based cloud solution optimized for mobile.

Main Features:

Activity Dashboard

  • Front desk management.
  • New members signing in and assigning plans.
  • Keeping track of all the activities.

Member Profiles

  • Checking the members data and updating the plans.
  • Invoice previews.
  • Booking and time pass management.

Plan setup

  • Setting up the hourly, monthly and yearly plans.
  • Including the credits and discounts.

Billing and payments

  • Automatic payments and invoicing.

Booking calendar

  • Check the real time availability and the booking resources.
  • Automatically calculate the charges.

Member view

  • Profile updates along with bookings.
  • View and connect with others in the space.

Wifi and RFID integration

  • Maintaining control over the Wifi and swipe cards.

Business analytics

  • Optimize your space as per the user behaviour.
  • Cobot provides analytics tools to analyze the member behavior and optimize resources.  

API and Integrations

  • Dozens of integrations and project management software solutions.
  • Can choose from a list of add ons like access control, newsletters, coworkers profiles, event managers etc.


#Software NamePricing
1.Office R&D$1.60per member/month
2.WUN SYSTEMPrice on Request 
3.EssensysEssential £299 per month/site
4.CoworkifyStarter $29 per month
5. Nexudus Space25 active members $42
6.Cobot15 active members $59

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