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Conference Room Technology And Infrastructure

If you look at the conference room trends nowadays, it has enhanced to a completely different level. The facilities and the infrastructure that is offered by the various companies are worth noticing.

A lot of efforts, minds and professionalism goes into creating a conference room or meeting room suitable for your clients.

In a business environment where space is given the utmost importance, every office room needs to be designed thoughtfully. The investments made for small conference rooms turns more feasible as per the large conference rooms. As the data exclaims 59% of meetings involve only two to three people.

It all starts with understanding employee needs and working habits. This understanding is of supreme importance when building an ideal office environment.

Meeting or Conference rooms have kept up with the pace of change. Rather than just offering an obligatory long table and comfortable chairs, today’s conference rooms have video conferencing tools, interactive whiteboard, Microphones & Speakers, Good internet connectivity etc. These conference rooms can be like a key location where employees can innovate, collaborate and inspire.

The problems ???

What problems do you face after you have booked a conference room?  

Help me with your experience in the comment box below.

 The basic problems faced after booking a Conference Room – 

1. Problem:  88% of users complain about the equipment in their meeting rooms.


Solution: There can be a technology problem that might affect the continuity of the meeting being held. So, what can be improved?

  • To make sure your meetings are smooth and productive, you’ll need to set up early and have backup plans ready.  
  • Time is lost when people spend the first several minutes of the meeting trying to find and log in to the right Wi-Fi network. So to avoid this put a display in the meeting room mentioning the wifi connection details or You could also send an email with the login credentials shortly before the meeting.
  • Sometimes during your meeting, the video can freeze, or the audio will echo and is not clearly understood. Screen sharing stops working. For this purpose, it is better to check with the attendees beforehand. Do a test run to ensure everything is working well.
  • You can also have a backup video conference room in case there is a problem with the current booked meeting room can’t be rectified.
  • Devices won’t connect to the meeting room tv. There should be a test run for this as well to ensure there are no problems faced by the client during their meeting and no time is wasted as well.


2. Problem: Not finishing the meeting on time.


Solutions: The meetings tend to run overtime mostly. Whether people are late, or a technology problem the meeting run above its allocated time which can create a hassle for the next booking. The waiting time increases. But there are different strategies you can try to help your meetings to run to time.

  • Instead of getting more comfortable sitting in a room on a chair trying to keep a track of time and allocate the agendas of the meeting accordingly.  
  • Set an agenda for the meeting so everyone knows what is to be discussed, and how long you have to discuss each item.
  • Sticks to schedule, moving things on when necessary.
  • Try to make sure that everyone attends the meeting on time by scheduling in peoples calendar with alert notification.
  • Do a test run on the equipment so there is no time wasted settling down or connecting the right cables.


3. Problem: No Decisions are made even though the time is up!


Solution: Sometimes the meeting gets dragged on even when the timing has been exhausted for your booking. The main purpose of the meeting is often to set some goals and action to be taken to achieve them. But this purpose is not served. Here are some strategies you can try to overcome this:

  • Ask people to provide some supportive data to justify their argument if they fail to agree.
  • Layout the expectations and goals of the meeting agenda for colleagues to work towards.
  • If the discussion doesn’t seem to end in the time allotted then be prepared to walk away by pausing the discussion. Giving it time can help to make decisions without running over the meeting time provided.


4. Problem: Did not attend the meeting


Solution: There is a possibility that a member of the meeting to be held is not available due to some personal or other reasons.

  • In this case, in order to overcome this problem video conferencing can be conducted with a connection that is secure, reliable and high quality.
  • Good quality cameras and speakers are now really affordable so you can chat on video or on a conference call and be sure that everyone can be seen and heard.
  • Digital whiteboards are a great way to record ideas and notes from meetings.


It is important to cut down on the time wasted during the utilization of the conference room by finding out any tech problems promptly.

As per the survey, around 69% of the presentation teams have experienced meeting room technology problems and failures when presenting. The time spent to resolve this problem leads to the overrun of the time allotted for the meeting room.

Only 42% of individuals check meeting room equipment before they hold their meeting. So do a test runs on the equipment so as to not overrun on the meeting rooms available.

What equipment is required for a modern conference room structure?

Today’s conference rooms differ a lot from earlier times. At that time just a mere TV and a pull-down screen with the projector was enough.

Video conferencing was only available with big companies. But now the story has changed and there has been a lot of innovation and modern technology which has made communication easier along with enhancing the infrastructure.

The standard meeting room equipment would be:


  1. The right chairs and table – The right kind of chair and table should be available in a meeting room. The table should not be too large or too small as per the room. The chair should not be uncomfortable so the meeting can go smoothly and the focus is on the work.


2. Television – Everything depends on your budget. A good tv can lead to better video conferencing and sharing visuals in a clear and comfortable manner. Since technology has advanced a lot from earlier times there are also tv’s that connect via the internet using wireless technology.

3.Whiteboard with pens – You might need to make some notes or visuals on a whiteboard to help explain a topic in more detail.

4. Projector – If the size of a conference room is large and the number of people in a meeting room is also more than 20 people around, then a tv cannot help much. You would need a bigger screen. This is where the projector can be wise so that everyone can have a clear view.

5. Speakerphone –  A telephone with a good sound system and a microphone so that the whole room can listen to it. Sync it with the intercom if in case you want to call a person from the office for any purpose like tea or coffee. Since you wouldn’t want to run in and out of the room during the meeting.

6. Sound system –  Invest in a decent sound system and also make sure you have good microphones installed at various points in the conference table so that the voices of people from all corners can be audible to the recipient.

7. Audio or video conferencing equipment If your team will be attending the meeting from a different location or virtually by phone. It is important to ensure the business video conferencing equipment are set up beforehand so that no one misses any part of it.

8. Wireless system – It is an important part of the company. The main reason being, it offers portability. You do not need to carry a dongle or search for LAN wires at different places. All the hassle with the wiring is over. This makes it easy for the staff as well as for the devices like printers, cameras or fax machines as well since they are all connected with wireless.

9.Tea and Coffee – There should be tea and coffee available to the clients as per there requirements.

10. Other accessories –  Other types of equipment required in a conference room are proper lightning, stationers, quality furniture, printers etc. All the basic needs for a meeting to go smoothly should be taken care of. Also if there is any kind of customization required by the client, then it should be available.


A meeting can go off and may turn out to be unproductive. Your company should prepare conference rooms from the start to ensure that you are maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings.

Creating a good or bad impression is completely up to you. Keeping resources needed for meetings ready with a good bandwidth connection solves most of the problems.

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