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Why you should not build big conference rooms in your rental space

The requirement for conference rooms has been increasing rapidly. Along with the demand, companies need additional amenities to carry out the meeting. Conference rooms on rent is a good option here. 

Whether you have a small or big company you need a conference room or a meeting room to carry out the activities in a business. So are you tired of running your meeting in some random places? Is your office too small to have a conference room? Is it too expensive to build a conference room at your company? Or you do not have the space for a conference room?

It is easier and more convenient to hold your meeting with a conference room on rent. This will not only solve these problems mentioned above but also turn out more beneficial in financial terms if your company is at a rental space.

If you are trying to build a big conference room in a rental space, the following reason will help you decide.

Reason to Rent a Conference Room

A conference room rental can help you keep the operating costs low as well as increase the productivity high.

  1. The conference room on rent can be customized accordingly –

The kind of conference room you might require can be booked as per the requirement. You may need a conference room which is bigger but you can’t afford to add an extra room or move the office spaces, so renting a conference room is a perfect solution.

Renting a conference room will avoid the extra cash spent on building a conference room that you don’t use often enough to justify the cost.

Since half of your hard-earned money goes into rent, why spend more paying for a space you do not require very often. Rather than this rent a conference room that’s there for you only when you need it. Spend the money to get higher profits by increasing a company’s productivity.

Spend your money more wisely!

2. Conference rooms on rent are well equipped –

Having a conference room on rent can also provide you with the equipment you might not be able to afford and thereby enhance the quality of the meeting. You do not need to worry about the bad service, dropped calls or any other technical problem since its all taken care of in a rented space.

These conference rooms on rent provide you with Projectors, HD calling facility and most importantly on-site tech support. If something goes wrong during the meeting it can be fixed immediately and the meeting can continue. Few of the conference rooms have also set up digital reminders for the people supposedly attending the meeting. This ensures everybody shows up for the meeting and no time is wasted.

Getting a conference room with high-tech solutions ensures that everyone’s voice is heard equally and that your meetings are productive.

Save your time for important matters!

A well-equipped conference room includes:

  • Room sizes based on party number
  • Catering services and complimentary beverages
  • Select styles of furniture, like ergonomic seats
  • Specialized chair set-ups based on meeting type
  • Boardroom – offers the highest formality; great for business deals
  • Classroom – provides a comfortable learning environment
  • Hollow square – an excellent choice for large groups
  • Theatre – perfect for presentations
  • U-Shape – best for group discussions
  • Video streaming and speakerphone options for remote workers and distant clients
  • Access to modern technology and other tools
  • TVs and projectors
  • Whiteboards
  • Printing
  • Plug n play capability
  • Wi-Fi

3. The conference rooms on rent bring more convenience –

If a client has to spend a lot of time dealing with traffic and location to reach for the meeting, it might create a hassle for them and the meeting will not start on a positive note.

Whereas if the location is as per you and the client’s convenience that is the space rented accordingly. Since many of these conference rooms are available to rent 24/7, you can also schedule your meeting when it works best for the client.

The meeting room is available as and when it’s needed. There isn’t any waiting time.

Rent conference rooms that are accessible to only you and the client.  

The convenience it provides:

  • Book rooms in real-time from your computer or phone
  • No long-term commitments are required
  • Available at all locations – Airport or Train Stations as well
  • Easy to reach using public transport
  • Easy payment methods

4. Improves your image

Having a meeting in a conference room that is fully equipped and well maintained gives off an impression of how well organized and successful you’re.

If a conference room is in your office and there are weekly meetings it can be possible to zone out and gather less interest in the meeting. But if the meeting is held in some other location it can help to get people interested in the weekly meeting.

They’ll also be more prepared for the meetings, especially since you may have in-person ones less frequently. This means they’ll be ready to deliver their best ideas to you.

Motivates your Employees to get better ideas.

5. Pricing

Conference rooms on rent provide you with the latest technology and equipment, therefore, it can be a little pricey and also because everything is customizable. But there are various packages and options available at affordable prices and within your budget.

Book a space according to your budget.

Renting an office gives you the benefits:

  • No technological upgrade fees are required
  • Access to the latest technology at no additional cost
  • Book only when it is needed by hourly or day basis
  • Do not need to create a conference room


  • Consider room layout and types of equipment.
  • Not every room needs every device, so outfit your meeting rooms strategically.
  • The average worker spends about 37% of their total time at work in meetings.
  • Where you conduct your meetings has a lot to do with just how productive these meetings will be.
  • It’s tough to have to pay for space you don’t use.

FlexiSpaces provides you with a lot of flexible conference rooms in various locations.

Contact us for your conference space. 

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